The NEHCA exists to foster community spirit and neighborly behavior.  It also provides a unified, non-partisan voice to influence topics affecting our neighborhood. Here are a few special projects and/or issues NEHCA members initiated or resolved:

Community Safety and Security

  • Orba Drive & Oakwood Ave: secured evaluation of the sight distance on a curved road and a 4-way stop was restored to protect the homeowners. There have been no traffic incidents since the 4-way stop was installed. An unintended benefit was slower traffic westbound on Oakwood Ave. past the Oak Park.  (May, 2015)
  • Oak Park Drive: secured a commitment by Public Works to repave the road–the standard evaluation scale did not adequately illustrate the need to repair the extraordinarily steep incline.  (February 2016)
  • Optimist Baseball Field: lobbied to cover up the open ditch on the west side (2012)
  • Established a standing request for crime statistics and trends presented by HPD at each quarterly meeting. (July, 2016)

Community Health, Education, and Recreation

  • Philpott Park
    • obtained a picnic table for use by a person in a wheelchair
  • Oak Park recreation field
    • Enlisted community support and contacted The Land Trust to open a trailhead at the city park (Oct. 2015). Neighbors from all points of the city participated in the trail construction and use the trail. (opening March 2016)
    •  Obtained raised garden boxes from the city’s Green Team budget (March 2015). Boxes are used as demonstration gardens.
    • Obtained permission to install the first Little Free Library on a city park with private funding and labor (Jan. 2015).  Books for all ages are traded and discovered.
  • Community Beautification
    • Lobbied for landscaping at the I-565 overpass at Chapman & Waltham Drives
    • Collaborated with Hsv Utilities for landscaping at Dallas&Lincoln Mill water tower
    • Adopted Philpot Park for litter removal
    • Adopted Oakwood Avenue for litter removal
    • Adopted Oak Park Trail as the Trail Care Partner
    • O’Shaughnessy Drive: secured the removal of industrial trucks and equipment on a Hsv Utilities parcel. (March, 2016)

The association was established in the late 90’s.  It is governed by the NEHCA Bylaws . 2016 Board Members:

  • President (Potentate of Possibilities):  Frances Akridge 256-503-1515
  • Vice President (Grand Poobah and Civic Leader):  Dick Hiatt
  • Secretary (Exalted Scribe and Keeper of the Flame):  Naaman Goode
  • Treasurer (Exalted money monitor): Naaman Goode (8/16)

2016 Committees:

  • Architectural and Engineering:  Court Heller & Allen Krell
  • Beautification and Recreation:  Eloy Alcivar & Scott Akridge & Shelly Miller for Chapman Pool…chapmanpool@gmail.com
  • Bylaws:  Naaman Goode
  • Communications:  Frances Akridge, Rita Bray, and…room for more.
  • Community Watch/Police Relations:  John Davis and Scott Akridge
  • Education: opportunity available
  • Finance:  opportunity available
  • Membership accounts: Naaman Goode
  • Operations (Refreshments):  Joan Prewitt
  • Political Action:  Dick Hiatt
  • Zoning: (in case the Master Planning sessions result in re-zoning recommendations)