The NEHCA exists to promote the area as a great place to call home by Connecting People to Improve Community.  It also serves as a channel to partner with city hall on topics affecting our neighborhood; one way we do that is by participating the in city’s budget process.

NEHCA services neighbors who live with in a 3.6 square mile area of nearly 7,000 residents of widely diverse characteristics.  We have a set of bylaws and a service area to establish credibility with the city, guide our growth, and to do banking.

These are a few special projects and/or issues NEHCA members initiated or resolved:

Community Safety and Security

  • Orba Drive & Oakwood Ave: secured evaluation of the sight distance on a steep, curved road.  A four-way stop was installed to protect the homeowners at the intersection. There have been no traffic incidents since the 4-way stop was installed. An unintended benefit was slower traffic westbound on Oakwood Ave. past the Oak Park.  (May, 2015)
  • Oak Park Drive: secured a commitment by Public Works to repave the road.  The standard evaluation scale did not adequately illustrate the need to repair the extraordinarily steep and bumpy incline.  (February 2016)
  • Optimist Baseball Field: lobbied to cover up the open ditch on the west side (2012)
  • Established a standing request for crime statistics for the service area, (July 2016) and continue to lobby for on-line access to statistics.
  • Honored our police department with a 2-week long project to fold 1,000 peace cranes, demonstrating our desire for good relations between police and neighbors in all parts of our city.  The  garland of 1,000 paper cranes was on display outdoors at Optimist Park for one week. (July 2016)
  • Oakwood Ave & Maysville: Secured evaluation of signage at eastbound on Oakwood where the speed changes from 40 mph to 30 mph.  A value added sign for specific speed limit was installed. (August, 2016)
  • Chambers Drive residents backyards abut the parking lot that was a haven for vagrancy.  A resident needed help and we pitched in to obstruct the entrance to the lot.

Community Health, Education, and Recreation

Chapman School

  • recruited Reading Buddies to expand on initiative of Jackson Way Baptist Church (fall 2016)
  • enlisted Big Brothers Big Sisters to focus on mentors for MLK and Montview and Chapman 5th grade boys by request of the principals of these schools (fall 2016)

Philpott Park

  • obtained a picnic table for use by persons in a wheelchair (2006)
  • obtained commitment from Parks and Rec to install Balance and Coordination equipment and soccer goals.  (January 2017)

Oak Park

  • Built a new hiking trail on the wooded section behind the baseball fields.  (stated Oct. 2015, Opened March 2016, ongoing improvements). Easy access to trails definitely increases property values.  These trails are a regional destination for mountain bikers and hikers.   A wonderful tribute to the Public and Private Partnership is in this video!
  • Obtained raised garden boxes from the city’s Green Team budget (March 2015). Boxes are used as demonstration gardens.
  • Obtained permission to install the first Little Free Library on a city park with private funding and labor (Jan. 2015).

Optimist Park and Berachah Gym

  • Secured permission to build and install a Little Free Library (recruitment began Sept 2016)
  • Hosts for the first Garden Gathering, a swap meet for gardeners and children (April 8, 2017)

Community Beautification

  • O’Shaughnessy Drive: secured the removal of industrial trucks and equipment on the Hsv Utilities parcel. (March, 2016)
  • Chapman & Waltham Drives: Lobbied for landscaping at the I-565 overpass
  • Dallas&Lincoln Mill area: collaborated with Hsv Utilities for landscaping at the water tower
  • Adopted Philpot Park for litter removal
  • Adopted Oakwood Avenue for litter removal
  • Adopted Oak Park Trails as the Land Trust Trail Care Partner (April 2016)

The association was established in the late 90’s.  It is governed by the NEHCA Bylaws .

2016 Board Members:

  • President (Potentate of Possibilities):  Frances Akridge
  • Vice President (Grand Poobah and Civic Leader):  Evan Smith
  • Secretary (Exalted Scribe and Keeper of the Flame):  Farrah Napolitano
  • Treasurer (Exalted money monitor): Sabrina Simõn

TEAM Members:

  • Architectural and Engineering:  Allen Krell
  • Beautification and Recreation:  Vaughn Bocchino, Scott Akridge & Shelly Miller for Chapman Pool.
  • Bylaws:  Frances Akridge, Evan Smith, Farrah Napolitano, Sabrina Simõn
  • Communications:  Frances Akridge and? to be cheerleaders for the area on Facebook, post announcements on Nextdoor.com, or write essays about your passion for a better quality of life.
  • Police Relations:  Scott Akridge
  • Education: April White, Chapman School Parent-Teacher-Student Association President
  • Operations (Refreshments):  Joan Prewitt