Five Points Reforestation Project

We are the Huntsville Tree Champions.

Our goal is to connect community members looking to learn about, plant, and maintain native trees in Huntsville, AL. By partnering with our neighbors we hope to preserve the urban canopy and ensure future generations enjoy the benefits of a healthy and vibrant urban canopy. We are starting in Five Points but aim to expand to other neighborhoods in the future.

In July of 2020, a small cohort of Five Points residents became certified citizen arborists by completing a two-day course on urban forestry presented by the Alabama Urban Forestry Association, Auburn University at Montgomery, Industry Employers and Suppliers, and the Green Industry Web Portal. As certified citizen arborists, we can offer counsel to our neighbors on the right location, the right season, and most importantly the right trees to plant.

How to Get Involved:

  • I am a property owner interested in planting trees on my lot.
    • Contact us for recommendations; we can advise what and where to plant based on soil type, level of desired maintenance, and amount of sunlight. Here is a great guide to native trees to get you started. Here is a link to a list of local nurseries. Once you have identified and purchased your tree(s), volunteers from Huntsville Tree Champions can help you plant it. Sign up here.
  • I want to help plant trees.
    • Contact us to be added to the roster of volunteers. We will reach out to you ahead of future events. We will aim to plan trees mostly during the November through February time-frame. Sign up here.

Why get Involved?

Volunteering in your community is a good way to meet your neighbors, contribute to causes you care about, and even can be something to put on your resume! We hope that you will consider volunteering your time to help neighbors plant the right trees in the right places.

For events sponsored by Operation Green Team, you can be eligible to have your community service filed and notarized. Visit their website to learn more.

Get ready for the next event:

What To Bring:

  • Shovel
  • Hard Rake
  • Water

What To Wear:

  • Layers
  • Closed toed boots/shoes
  • Gloves

What To Do:

Coalition Partners:

We are grateful to the following organizations for their involvement in this project and continued support provided through education, training, and subject matter expertise:

Alabama Urban Forestry Association

Alabama Urban Forestry Association

Operation Green Team

Green Industry Web Portal

Northeast Huntsville Civic Association

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