Yeti Tracking Party

Yeti tracking poster 19The Oak Park Yeti was last seen by Adam Rosetta in 2017 on the Dallas Branch trail, just off the Oak Park Trail.  Since then, we think he/she/it has been taking – and reading- the books from the Little Free Library at the Oak Park Pavilion.  We think that because we sometimes see fur on the posts in the pavilion and some of the books have a little bit of mud on the covers.  We also think it eats the eggplants and basil from the community garden at the Oak Park park, too. We are just glad to know it likes books!  Come look for our yeti and make a souvenir.  Crafts for all ages- with parent’s supervision for the tiny hands.

Join us next Sunday, 10-27-19 at 1 pm!

One thought on “Yeti Tracking Party

  1. I truly hope you guys are able to find this elusive creature. I’d be curious to know it’s stories. Oh, the tales it could tell.

    Good luck!

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